Six more Sub-stantial Sub Shops: Restaurant review

10/15/2013 19:52 A few weeks ago I wrote about "Six Sub-stantial Sub Shops" in the midstate, and plenty of you voiced your opinions about the shops I missed.

So, acting on some of their tips and a couple of mine, I trekked around town to taste six more subs recommended by Pennlive readers. Here goes:

The Jackson House, Harrisburg

Although I usually sink my teeth into chargrilled burgers and fresh cut fries at this landmark Harrisburg city restaurant, this specific sub was brought to my attention by PennLive post, Matt Kemp, "How in God's green earth can Jackson House be excluded from the list?"

And "CmK", "No mention of Jackson House? What a sham!! Any one go get a bada bing with red roasted peppers and find me something that even compares to it.!!

Neatly wrapped in brown butcher paper, Jimmy Pizzo's Bada Bing springs to life the minute the tape, holding the tight bundle together, is broken.

Multiple layers of Italian ham and genoa salami spill out from sesame seed, crusty Abruzzo roll aided by gobs of mayonnaise, juicy, red ripe tomato slices, shards of sharp provolone, onions, thick slices of sweet onion and shower of fruity olive oil and oregano.

So from now on, I'll rotate between ordering burgers and the Bada Bing. The sub was exceptionally mouth-watering with pungency from cheese, richness from hams and salamis and varied texture from all the fixings.

Fleming's Sub Base, Paxtang

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